This is Why the Media are Worse than Worthless (Updated)

CNN, which plays host to serial killer and cop killer sympathizer Marc Lamont Hill, wonders if Marco Rubio drinking water was a “career ender.”

They’re serious.


That’s stupid.

This is also stupid. The AP headlines the end of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s job raid on California, saying that he came back “empty handed.”

As anyone with any business sense at all knows, companies do not make the decision to relocate from one state to another over one conversation with a politician. They weigh the pros and cons, see if they can get some concessions out of either state, and over time, make the call to go or stay. Casting the trip as a failure — “empty handed — so far” — ignores reality. It mocks when mockery is not due. It’s ridiculous.

This is the “legitimate media,” in the words of Vice President Joe Biden. Fools, jerks, clowns and jokers.

More: Politico’s Maggie Haberman spends two pages on Rubio taking a drink of water.

Update: Via Politico (which is a steaming pile of nonsense most days) CNN says the “career-ender” graphic was a “joke.”

So now the question is, was Politico’s tw0-page story about Rubio drinking water a “joke” too?




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