Three Things You Should Know About Roger L. Simon

Our CEO is stepping down but not away, going back to his first love.

I’ve worked with Roger for over two years here and was part of the earlier PJ blog network when I was vp at Hot Air.


Some things you ought to know about Roger.

You can drop him into any city in the world, even one he has never visited before, and he will find the absolute best meal in town. He may or may not get lost on the way, though.

He’s a curious man who has strong opinions while also having the strength to change his mind. Some people call that “intellectual honesty,” I just call it integrity.

He’s good people and a man of his word. You can’t say that about everyone in the public eye on both sides of the political aisle. Trust me on that.

I’m hoping, by the way, that once Roger gets his next screenplay made into a movie, he’ll debut it at SXSW. Then I can run around the place saying “Hey, that hotshot movie writer over there? I know that guy! He’s a friend of mine!”

Because he is a friend of mine.



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