Richard Grenell Tweets Better Anti-Violence Ideas than Anything Sheriff Biden is Likely to Come Up With

If you don’t follow foreign policy expert Richard Grenell on Twitter, you should. Today he’s tweeting ideas to cut down on school shootings that make far too much sense to be implemented.


Bonus benefit: We could cut down on the grope-a-thons at the same time.

As they say on Twitter, THIS.

By the way, Biden is said to be considering one good idea, which is funding an increased police presence at schools. That is not a new idea, it’s one that President Bill Clinton enacted after the Columbine killings, and one that the NRA has proposed after Sandy Hook. It’s also one that the Obama government cut over the past few years. The media have consistently failed to point out that one of the very few things this government has been willing to cut is very relevant to the safety of our children at schools.



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