Celebrities Launch Dumb Gun Control Campaign

Breitbart has the video. It’s just like every other celebrity campaign, a bunch of celebrities repetitively saying the same sentence and then repeating a word for emphasis.


We are.

We are.

Completely. Completely.


Completely out.

Of ideas.


Surprisingly, the ad notes both Virginia Tech and Fort Hood among the mass shootings. Fort Hood was a true Islamic terrorist attack that the Obama government has classified as “workplace violence” to keep up appearances that no terrorist attacks have occurred on US soil since Obama’s imaculation. Both of those shootings occurred in so-called “gun free zones.”

Is there any lesson we might learn from that second fact?

Other than the fact that Will Farrell and Jessica Alba and the rest of these celebrities who live behind armed security as much as they want really have no business telling the rest of us that we can’t defend ourselves?

These celebrities are “demanding a plan” to deal with gun violence. But, the NRA offered a plan last week. It was the same plan that Bill Clinton offered some years back — more security in schools. I guess the celebrities don’t like that plan.



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