Maybe We Should Just Let it Burn

Liberals are fond of saying that, in regards to racism or whatever -ism they happen to be denouncing for fun and profit, “You have to be taught to hate.”


Look at the writings on DemocraticUnderground, DailyKos, just about any liberal blog and liberals’ comments left on most conservative blogs and one thing becomes clear immediately: Liberals hate conservatives. They don’t just disagree with us, they actively nurture a hatred for us. It’s a fire they stoke every single day.

The hate goes both ways to some extent, of course, but the overwhelming tendency of liberals is to mock and insult conservatives rather than engage with us. We point out that science is limited and may be flawed, and we’re “anti-science” (despite the fact that, in my case, I spent eight years on the Hubble Space Telescope project), we’re rednecks, we’re racists, we’re homophobes, we’re ignorant, we’re fools, etc etc etc.

Look at how criticism of Ambassador Susan Rice is being treated. The Democrats actually had some white guy on Fox today to argue that Rice is being criticized over her Benghazi comments because she’s a black woman. The content of her comments was irrelevant. Rep. Jim Clyburn said pretty much the same thing on MSNBC yesterday. It’s as if her comments never happened, she never went on those five Sunday shows to mislead the American people regarding what happened, and Benghazi wasn’t and isn’t a disturbing cover-up pointing directly at the President of the United States. It’s as if Republicans just made up everything that Susan Rice said about Benghazi. That is their argument, such as liberal arguments go.


It’s also as if Republicans never embraced J.C. Watts or Allen West or Secretary of State Condi Rice or once dreamed of a Colin Powell run for the presidency against Bill Clinton. It’s as if Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Susana Martinez, Tim Scott, Mia Love and so forth don’t exist. Democrats systematically prevented Miguel Estrada’s ascension to the Supreme Court in the Bush years because he is Hispanic — that’s what the Democrat talking points against him actually said — and they systematically rejected black Republicans around the nation last week. But we Republicans are the racists. Liberals have been taught to hate us, and they’re teaching their kids and millions of kids in school to hate us too. There is no reasoning with hate.

The last Republican administration had two black secretaries of state, one of them female. And her name was Rice! But in the mind of the liberal, neither were actually black, because they were Republicans.

Last week’s re-election of Barack Obama has brought the liberals out in force and confidence like never before. They believe that their 50.7% victory entitles them to force themselves on the rest of us. The failing blue state model leads to bankruptcy but it’s being imposed on the red states via ObamaCare and Obama’s favoritism toward the unions and his regulatory state. Red states who resist will be taken to court, and their leaders can expect the media to hate on them in story after story and editorial after editorial. Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal got a first taste of that treatment today.


Liberals never retrenched or reconsidered their policies after getting defeated in 2010, but they’re lecturing us that we have to change our ways or die. Unions have only read declining membership as a reason to try to force people to unionize whether they want to or not. Liberals are now pushing very aggressively to destroy companies that do not comport with their world view. Papa John’s resists ObamaCare’s tax hikes? Boycott him. Walmart wants to remain union-free? Tough, walk out on their biggest revenue day of the year. Hostess closes down, citing a poor economy and unreasonable union demands? Well, it was management or Bain Capital’s fault. Government is never ever wrong (unless a Republican happens to be in charge), unions are never ever wrong, corporate management is always either evil or incompetent or both. They’re doing it wrong, but unions and governments never do.

The truth is, nobody is always right. And nobody is always wrong. Management can often be blamed for, among other things, striking deals with labor out of short-term fear that lead to long-term problems. It happens all the time. And managers of businesses and unions can be equally human, and therefore equally stupid. Don’t get me stated on government bureaucrats who find their joy in expanding their personal empires at taxpayer expense. That, also, happens every day. My life experiences have taught me that there are far fewer heroes than there are villains, and many of the villains are just idiots. Most of the heroes don’t stand up to close examination.


The fact that many liberals who always blame management have never run a business in their lives never gets in their way. They just voted to re-elect a man who has no business experience apart from shaking businesses down and threatening them. They expect the economy to thrive under such a man? Not really, but they don’t really care either.

Maybe more of these companies that the unions and liberals target should fail. We conservatives defend them, but why? Many of these companies have empowered the Democrats in one way or another over the years. Hillary Clinton used to sit on Walmart’s board. All-American agribusinesses have championed the very open borders policies that are leading, now, to a massive and irresistible entitlement state. Maybe the people who lose their jobs to ObamaCare and idiotic leftist boycotts will finally wake up. Those 18,000 who lost their jobs at Hostess may, one day, realize that their own union helped destroy their jobs. Maybe the government will finally start running out of faces to stomp on.

Now, we’re looking at the fiscal cliff in Washington. An increasing number of Democrats say they’re fine with going over that cliff, knowing full well that it will lead the US economy back into recession. That will mean more jobs are lost. That will mean the US gets weaker militarily overnight. That will mean more misery within and without the US. And these Democrats don’t care. There is no evidence that Barack Obama cares about preventing us from going over the cliff. They have maneuvered Republicans into the position of blame, and when we go off the cliff, they and the media will blame the Republicans even though sequestration was the Obama White House’s idea. I would point out that he lied about that in one of the debates, but some liberal will call me a racist.


Maybe we should let the the place burn. Among the downsides is that for those of us who have kids, we know that their future is bleak if liberals get their way. We’ve seen this movie before, though it was always shot on location outside the United States. Many, many lives will be upended and destroyed and the freedom of choice that liberals claim to cherish will die. Don’t want to join a union? Too bad. Don’t want your tax dollars to pay for something that your faith tells you is deeply wrong? Too bad. Don’t want your paycheck skimmed to keep Democrats in power? Too bad. Don’t want to grow entitlements to the point that they overwhelm everything else and bankrupt the country you love? Too bad. Get used to it. 50.7% of America can’t be wrong!

But hey, this is all just what happens when you “fundamentally transform” something, as Obama promised to do four years ago. You have to destroy it first.


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