Awaiting the Inevitable Federal Lawsuit Against Colorado

States are not supposed to pass laws that contradict or conflict with federal law. That’s what we’re told, and it’s why the Obama government sued the state of Arizona. That state had passed a law to help secure its border with drug war torn Mexico. But the Obama government disapproved, and sued, and got part of the law struck down by the Supreme Court.


Colorado has passed a law legalizing marijuana, growing it, possessing it and using it, for non-medicinal purposes. Federal laws still on the books make all of those activities illegal. You can do federal prison time for growing, possessing and using Mary Jane, even if you’re in Colorado.

So Colorado’s new law conflicts with federal law. When will the Obama government sue the swing state of Colorado?

The relative popularity of the laws in question should offer Colorado no defense. The Silver State passed its marijuana legalization law, Amendment 64, by a 10-point margin. Arizonans support their immigration law by about a 40-point margin.

So where’s the Obama government’s lawsuit against Colorado?



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