Lt Col Wood: Benghazi Sacking Was 'Instantly Recognizable' as Terrorist Attack

During this afternoon’s hearings on the Benghazi assault, Lt Col dropped two more significant statements regarding the security situation in Libya. Col Wood said that after the British pulled out their personnel and the Red Cross departed Libya, the US was the “last flag flying” in the country. That, said Lt Col Wood, made US personnel the “last targets” on the terrorists’ list to attack and to drive from the country.


During questioning regarding when the Obama administration knew that the attack was a terrorist assault and not a response to a YouTube clip, Ambassador Patrick Kennedy said that he was working from the same information which Ambassador Susan Rice was working from when she appeared on five political talk shows on Sept 16 to strongly argue that the sacking was not a terrorist attack, but resulted from a protest. Kennedy had, on Sept 12, told several members of Congress that he believed that the attack was terrorism because of the “nature” and “lethality” of the attack.

Lt Col Wood capped the discussion, saying that based on his prior experience that the sacking of the US consulate was “instantly recognizable” as a terrorist attack.



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