Democrats' Big Get for the DNC: Charlie Crist

So Charlie Crist is the Day One surprise that the Democrats had in store for the RNC.

It’s far less than impressive.

If there is a person in America who embodies the craven politician who lacks even a hint of core principles better than Charlie Crist, I don’t know who that person would be.


Charlie Crist was at one time the most popular politician in Florida, but that was a long time ago. He swung Florida and the GOP nomination John McCain’s way in 2008 with his endorsement. Many in the GOP grassroots are still unhappy about his role in all that. But Crist doesn’t wield anything close to that level of influence now. And is there an identifiable principle or policy that Charlie Crist stands for?

He didn’t drop out of the Senate primary against Marco Rubio, and then become an Independent to run against Rubio, out of any guiding principle or policy. He dropped out of that primary because he was destined to lose it. His only discernible guiding principle in that decision was looking out for Charlie Crist.

In 2009, Crist blasted Barack Obama as a Carteresque loser. Then he embraced Obama. And then he went flip on the Senate race and party affiliation. This week Crist has endorsed Obama despite the president’s obvious failures in office.

If the Democrats want this guy representing them and hailing them and talking up Democrat policies, most Republicans would probably say that they’re welcome to him.



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