You Still Didn't Build That: Obama Says Top 2% Are 'Lucky,' 'Fortunate,' and 'Blessed'

Call it “You didn’t build that!” 2.0. Speaking in Iowa Tuesday, President Obama negated the idea that the wealthy got that way by working for it.


OBAMA: But but but…here’s the thing. I-I-I If you’re lucky enough, if you’re fortunate enough, and been blessed enough, to be in the other 2%, the top 2%, you still get a tax cut for that first $250,000 of income. All we’re saying is, after that, maybe you can do a little bit more to help pay down this deficit, and invest in things like education that help our economy grow.”

This is textbook tax and spend, class warfare liberal Democrat policies, the same kind that have been consistently rejected by American voters since George McGovern.



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