Reporters Set Romney Up, Declare it a Gaffe

Gov. Mitt Romney visited Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Press attending the visit shouted obnoxious questions at Romney, such as “What about your gaffes?” and “What about the Palestinians?” Romney, aware that he is visiting a site that is sacred to the Polish people and also aware that his had not called a press conference for that moment, ignored the questions. Reporters continue shouting, until Romney aide Rick Gorka tells the reporters to “Kiss my ass” and “Show some respect.”


These reporters regularly demonstrate their ample capabilities in the former, in the way they suggest that Obama’s routine gaffes are either not gaffes or were taken out of context. As for the latter, they don’t respect our own military and its sacrifices to keep us free, so they’re highly unlikely to respect the war dead of any other country.

The whiny reporter’s claim at the end that Romney hasn’t answered press questions during his European tour: As false as Andrea Mitchell’s WaWa attack. As fake as an NBC audio edit. As dishonest as an ABC presentation of video evidence.

I thought my personal opinion of the national media couldn’t get any lower. Turns out, I was wrong.


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