Obama Donates $5k to Himself

President Obama has donated to his own campaign for the first time. Politico reports that the president donated $5000 to his own campaign, and then emailed his supporters that he made the donation “as a gesture.” The $5k donation from the president, who has a history of making bad investments in questionable enterprises, meets the individual maximum that one person can donate to one campaign, but candidates may give an unlimited amount to their own campaigns. Barack Obama is a multi-millionaire thanks to his wife’s high salary at the job she once occupied at a Chicago area medical center and sales of his books, which have been found to be riddled with “composite” characters and fictitious yet life-changing events.


The gesture is not a large one for the Obamas: The First Lady reportedly wore a $7,000 jacket to a reception at Buckingham Palace on July 27.

The Obama campaign is clearly struggling to keep up with Mitt Romney’s fundraising. It has fired off fundraising emails in the last two days with subject lines “Romney defeats Obama” and “This will be blunt.” Both emails highlight Romney’s growing fundraising advantage.



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