Photo: Female Israeli Soldiers Patrol Tel Aviv Beach in Bikinis

Gotta love the Daily Mail, which headlined its story based on this single photo, “Do NOT Steal This Woman’s Towel.” Good advice, especially on Friday the 13th.


I realize hardly anyone will read this, but here’s the DM‘s explanation for why a bikini-clad young woman might carry an automatic rifle on a beach. Besides the obvious purpose of intimidating excited drunks, anyway.

Some internet users were perplexed as to why the woman in the photo would be at the beach with a rifle- which does not appear to have a magazine loaded – but not in her uniform.

But other users were quick to point out there could have been practical reasons for the solider to take the weapon to the beach.

Under Israeli military regulations, if members take their weapon out from their military base they must keep them near at all times.

Punishments for losing or misplacing a weapon can include time in a military prison.

I’m shocked that we’ve beaten Neil Cavuto to this story.



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