Obama Uses Penn State Scandal to Call for 'National Soul Searching'

It’s your fault, America. If there’s one thing that consistently comes from the mind and mouth of Barack Obama, it’s that whatever bad thing has happened in the world, it’s your fault just for being you. Even if what happened actually had nothing to do with you at all.


President Obama called for the nation to do some “soul searching” in the wake of a scandal at Penn State University that led to the firing of longtime coach Joe Paterno after it was revealed one of his assistants allegedly sexually abused eight boys and the team did little to stop it.

“Obviously what happened was heartbreaking, especially for the victims, the young people who got affected by these alleged assaults,” he told Westwood One Radio in a Friday night interview, making his first public comments on the scandal.

And I think it’s a good time for the entire country to do some soul-searching — not just Penn State. People care about sports, it’s important to us, but our No. 1 priority has to be protecting our kids. And every institution has to examine how they operate, and every individual has to take responsibility for making sure that our kids are protected.”

I agree that some students at Penn State certainly need to do some soul searching after they had a pep rally and later rioted for Joe Paterno. But the whole country? What happened at Penn State is so horrific I can barely write about it. But to use it to call for a “national soul searching” is more than a little bit creepy. What did the nation’s soul have to do with a coach raping children? What did the nation’s soul have to do with covering that up? What did even Penn State fans have to do with any of this? How about focusing on those who are actually guilty and not spreading the guilt around to those whose only crime is existing?


And from the president who installed the repulsive Kevin Jennings as national “safe schools czar”? Spare me, Mr. President


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