Democrats Walk Out on Debt Supercommittee

From the Sean Hannity show:

Senator Rand Paul exclusively has JUST told Sean that not only are Democrats rejecting offers put on the table, but now they won’t even continue to negotiate and have “walked away from the table…refusing to talk to the Republicans.”

Paul warns the American people that this is all about Obama’s reelection, and the taxpayers livelihood is of no concern to Obama and the Democrats.

Audio verbate: Senator Rand Paul (KY) on the Sean Hannity radio show Nov. 9, 2011:
P:Sean can I make it up to you by giving you a scoop, that maybe people don’t know yet?

S: Yeah what you got it

P: I have news straight from sources close to the SuperCommittee that the Democrats have walked away from the table and they’re refusing to talk to the Republicans about a deal and they will not counter any offers and basically there’s an impass and it’s starting to look like they don’t want any deal at all.


Update: Obviously this move was baked into the Democrats’ re-election strategy. Republicans can propose anything short of guaranteeing nothing but increasing entitlement spending into infinity and the Democrats would walk away, accuse Republicans of wanting to throw Granny over a cliff and of wanting to destroy the sacred right of government workers to unionize that they didn’t have until about 30 years ago. But I wonder if last night’s vote in Ohio has emboldened the Democrats to get a bit more aggressive. If so, they’re setting themselves up for an overreach. The Ohio vote was bad for Kasich and for reform, but it doesn’t negate what’s happened in Wisconsin and Massachusetts.


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