Ohs Noes! Rick Perry Rented a Plane Used by Drug Smugglers!

Well, this clearly is the end of Rick Perry’s campaign. He obviously should have gone back in time and stopped those drug smugglers from renting an airplane that he would later rent for his campaign. Or, what, he should have his campaign staff demand to know about every single previous renter of all vehicles and gear that they rent, before renting it?


That could take a while.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Republican presidential campaign chartered a private jet used in a cocaine-smuggling ring.

Perry’s campaign rented a Gulfstream III jet owned by Marquez Brothers International, The Wall Street Journal first reported.

The plane had previously been used by a “major” smuggling ring to move cocaine, the newspaper said, citing federal court documents. In November 2010 federal authorities busted the ring.

A pilot who previously flew the plane pleaded guilty in the smuggling-ring case.

That story appears in The Hill. The only serious response I can come up with to it is, “Seriously? Y’all think this is a story?”

I mean, sure, Perry rented a plane that was used to smuggle cocaine some years before he ever rented it. Barack Obama may have bought and snorted that cocaine after the smugglers got it to the streets.

Which story says more about which man?



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