Obamessiah Raffled Himself, Still Doesn't Match Bush's Fundraising Numbers

That’s right, I said Bush, as in George W., who in 2003 raised more in the relevant quarter than Obama’s vaunted political machine raised in this one.


Obama raised $42 million for his campaign in the third quarter, plus another $27.3 million for the DNC.  Naturally, the top line $70 million joint number is being hyped.

  • Obama is nowhere near on track to raise the $1 billion he wants for his campaign.
  • Obama’s $42 million haul is less than the $50 million George W. Bush raised in the third quarter of 2003, the comparable time period.
  • The high campaign number of donors and low average donation numbers does not reflect wide support, but gimmicks like the $3 dinner raffle.

That raffle…people just aren’t that into you, Barack.

Sure, one could argue that there is less money available now than there was in 2003. But whose fault is that?

It doesn’t look like the president’s re-election campaign will get anywhere near the billion bucks they projected to raise. As his poll numbers sink, his fundraising is actually slowing down. Expect it to pick up some as we get into the primaries and worried Democrats start giving again, but still — there’s something this president and his brain trust needs to learn about over-promising followed by under-delivering. That’s the one thing they have consistently done since 2007.



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