Video: Perry on the Texas Economy, and the Federal Government's Failure to Secure the Border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry took to CNBC to talk economics and the border.

On economics, Perry says that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke shouldn’t use bad monetary policy to cover for bad public policy. Perry also explained the reasons for Texas’ strong job growth despite the recession. It’s a set of principles that you can put on a postcard: Keep taxes low, keep the regulatory environment fair and predictable, reform the tort system to prevent over-suing that drives business out of business, and then get the government out of the way. Unlike most of the country, Texas has officially exited the great recession. Last in, first out. That’s not an accident.


On illegal immigration, Perry puts the blame where it should be: On the federal government, for failing to secure the border. States have been forced to find ways to deal both with the insecurity and with the people who are already in the country but shouldn’t be. Perry’s isn’t a call for “comprehensive immigration reform,” but for security first. He supported a bill to crack down on Texas’ sanctuary cities in the 2011 legislative session. As Tina Korbe at Hot Air says:

Perry’s three pillars for a secure border: Strategic fencing in metropolitan areas, more boots on the ground and aviation assets to assist border patrol agents.

“We need to have an immigration policy that’s thoughtful,” Perry said. ”We’re a rule of law country. We’ve got to have a secure border so that we know who’s coming in and we’re making the right decisions about who should come in and when they should come in and how long they should stay.”

Then, in a subject-concluding statement that sounded anything but weak, Perry promised to secure the border and “end illegal immigration” if elected president.


Watch the interview to see Perry hammer Obama’s economic record, promise to repeal ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, and stop the EPA’s assault on the US economy.


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