Lifestyle Tech: England's Premiere League Working on 'Avatar-Style' 3D Plans

I assume that most readers here aren’t English soccer fans, so overlook that for a minute just to check out the sweet tech that the BPL is working on.

The Premier League has unveiled ambitious plans to introduce an ‘Avatar-type’ interactive, virtual reality viewing experience to fans around the world.

With television making the move from standard definition to high definition in recent years – and 3D products increasingly penetrating the market – the Premier League have engaged Sony and Electronic Arts to look at ways an improved viewing experience can be brought to fans across the world.


Skip a few graphs, and we get to the meat of the thing.

“There’s immersion technology being developed right now where you can sit down with headphones and a screen in front of you, and reproduce the feeling of being in a stadium,” he noted. “If you turn your head one way you’re looking at the left-hand goal and the other way you’re looking at the right-hand goal.

“You’ll be able to decide where you want to be: you could be on a Saturday at 3pm, English time, in Hong Kong deciding whether you want to be on the Kop end at Anfield or the Holte End at Aston Villa. There’ll be a drop down menu and you’ll be able to choose where you want to be and watch the game.

“It’ll be like an Avatar type of thing available in your own home. It might sound pie in the sky, but it’s not.”

The Barkley’s Premiere League is the most watched sports league in the world, and as the vessel of several of the world’s most valuable sports brands (including the most valuable as well as most loathesome, Manchester United, and Arsenal at #7) the BPL has the wherewithal to develop this tech that other leagues might not have. As an Arsenal fan living thousands of miles from Emirates Stadium with little hope of ever catching an actual game there, this strikes me as wildly cool. It could put me virtually at midfield to watch most of the action, then hop from end to end to follow the action and watch all the chances the Gunners whiff on. And you know that this will trickle out to other sports, concerts, events and movies once perfected.


And then they’ll add this tech to the next gen game consoles, just to make sure we never accomplish another thing in our entire lives. Can’t wait!



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