Gird your loins: Biden supports Libya no-fly zone

I was coming around to the idea of doing something about Libya, but now…

The nugget about Biden is buried a few graphs down in this long story about how the Obama admin pivoted toward intervention to help the Libyan rebels.


Inside the Tuesday evening meeting, senior officials were lined up on both sides. Pushing for military intervention was a group of NSC staffers including Samantha Power, NSC senior director for multilateral engagement; Gayle Smith, NSC senior director for global development; and Mike McFaul, NSC senior director for Russia, who has 30-plus-years of experience advocating for democracy and human rights. Vice President Joe Biden also was a supporter of imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, an administration official said.

Joe Biden is a great gauge of what American policy should be. Whatever he says, the country should tend to do the opposite.

Biden opposed the 1991 Gulf War, supported the 2003 war against Iraq, then opposed the surge in Iraq that has led to the present state in which Iraq is self-governing and largely quiescent. Biden wanted to partition Iraq along ethic and religious lines, which would have left it weak in the face of its hostile enemy next door. Biden was an early Defeatocrat on Afghanistan. As “sheriff” of the stimulus, an Obama policy that’s been a total failure, Biden has seen an Amtrak station named after him go way over budget.

And then, there was the infamous “international test.”


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