Democrats' Online Phone Bank System Compromises Americans' Identity Security

Take a gander at this web site that the Democrats’ Organizing for America has put up.  OfA is the political army that works for the Democratic National Committee but answers pretty directly to the White House itself.  It doesn’t move without Obama’s input.  And here’s their new phone banking web site.


Notice that you didn’t have to put in any of your information to get real information on voters that the Democrats want their phone bankers to call.  You didn’t have to tell them who you are, where you are, or anything.  You can use their info to call anyone on their list, and you don’t have to tell the DNC or OfA what transpired in the conversation.  Or even if a conversation transpired at all.

Now, you can put location info in there, such as your zip code to find people near you to call.  But you don’t have to, and you don’t have to log in to the system to get any of that information.

This is a massive security problem for anyone whose name is on that list, which appears to include identified Democrats and Independents.  And it’s caused by the Democrats and Organizing for America.  With full names and phone numbers easily available, there’s probably enough there for identity thieves to go to work.

This is NOT standard practice for political parties.  When a party has a volunteer work their phone bank, they typically have the phone bank worker sign documentation (paper or digitally), usually stating that they won’t misuse the information to which they are being granted access.  The phone bank typically controls access either with a password account if the system is online, or by physically limiting access to where they have the phone bank if it’s an office style set-up.  You don’t just let any person wander in off the street, rifle through your voter files and make calls on your behalf.


But that’s just what the DNC and OfA are doing here.  And these are people who want us to trust them with our health care?

Update: The Democrats took their phone bank system offline over night, but this morning it’s back up and open for business.  And so is its complete lack of security.  If you’re on that list, the DNC and OfA are giving your personal information out to anyone who wants it.


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