Let's Not Turn Immigration Into 'Us vs. Them,' Says President Suing a U.S. State Over Immigration Law

This is audacity on steroids. It is not the so-called, and now obviously dead as a Monty Python sketch parrot, “audacity of hope.”

“Let’s provide a pathway to citizenship for those who are already here, understanding that they broke the law, so they’re going to have to pay a fine and pay back taxes and, I think, learn English, make sure that they don’t have a criminal record,” said Obama. “There are some hoops that they’re going to have to jump through, but giving them a pathway is the right thing to do.

“Now, unfortunately, right now this is getting demagogued,” Obama said. “A lot of folks think it’s an easy way to score political points is by trying to act as if there’s a ‘them’ and an ‘us,’ instead of just an ‘us.’ And I’m always suspicious of politics that is dividing people instead of bringing them together. I think now is the time for us to come together.”


I’ll confess here to being a bad Baptist. My initial reaction to this was unprintable.

This is coming from the same president whose own attorney general is at this moment suing Arizona for crafting an immigration law that mirrors a federal law that’s been on the books for 70 years. And all while Mexico is playing more than a sideline role in keeping the border as porous as possible. “Us vs Them” or “Us vs Us”?

Suffice it to say that a president who has done precisely nothing about border security, whose own secretary of Homeland Security actually chuckles when Republican border state governors ask for help, and who himself refuses to meet with at least one of those border state governors to discuss the issue at all, has really run out of his rope on this.  As if to add a little more salt to the wounds, let’s not leave out that Obama’s own aunt is an illegal alien happily living on the U.S. taxpayers’ dime, demanding U.S. citizenship.

This issue is an “Us vs Them” issue alright, but it’s Us citizen taxpayers versus Them in Washington who consistently and continually talk down to Us while letting the nation’s basic rule of law collapse.


So buck up, border states!  Your president hears you.  He hears you and he thinks you’re a bucktoothed bigot for wanting the nation’s laws enforced.  And therefore, he’s happy to slap you in the face.


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