Give 'Determined' Bibi Your Twitter Support This Morning



CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted, “What’s Hebrew for double-down?” Maybe we should go for Yiddish instead and leave it at “mensch.” Pure mensch.

The tweet comes after media speculation — or political wishing — postulated that the Israeli prime minister might either postpone or water down his speech in order to be friendlier to the outraged Obama administration and some congressional Democrats.

Haaretz reported that Netanyahu addressed the controversy Monday at a Likud event:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that he is determined to address the U.S. Congress on Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu rejected the criticism in the United States and Israel, saying that “while some are busy with protocol or politics, a bad deal with Iran is taking shape.”

Speaking at a Likud election event, Netanyahu added that, as prime minister, it is his duty to do everything in his power to prevent a dangerous deal with Iran. “From the day Israel was established to this day, there have been essential differences between Israel and the U.S., and relations remained sound – this will be the case this time as well,” he said.

“This is not a political issue or a party issue, neither here nor there. This is an existential issue, and I approach it with the fullest responsibility.”



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