Kerry Congratulates Country on Its Independence ... Venezuela, Not Egypt

Secretary of State John Kerry sent out a congratulatory statement to a country on the occasion of its independence — but not to the one that had just ousted an Islamist autocrat with sheer protest power and was shooting fireworks in the air in an epic celebration.


The State Department issued Kerry’s statement at 2:46 p.m., nearly two hours after the Egyptian military told President Mohamed Morsi that he was out of power.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Venezuela as you commemorate the day that Venezuela declared its independence 202 years ago.

Venezuela and the United States have much in common. For example, revolutionary leader General Francisco de Miranda also played a part in our own struggle for independence, participating in the Battle of Pensacola in 1781. His contribution is forever memorialized in a monument that stands in the heart of Philadelphia, the original capital of the United States. When a devastating earthquake struck Venezuela in 1812 the United States sent the Venezuelan people the first humanitarian assistance it ever provided to a foreign country. These two examples demonstrate that Venezuela and the United States have shared ties of friendship and common values since the birth of our two nations, and the ties between our people endure.

I wish Venezuelans everywhere health, happiness, and hope on the anniversary of your independence.


Still nothing from either Kerry, President Obama or even the National Security Council on today’s change of power, which came after a 48-hour deadline the military gave Morsi to agree to a power-sharing presidency.


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