Connecticut Governor: Ban Weapons That are Just for Assaults

The governor of Connecticut said no weapons should be sold “that have no other use than — potential use or are designed for anything but an assault.”


Democrat Dan Malloy advocated gun-control measures this morning on MSNBC including making the rules for purchases uniform across the country.

“We have different laws that make it substantially easier to buy weapons without sufficient background checks in states like Virginia, and Florida, because we’re on I-95, the road system that runs from Florida through — through Maine, we’re going to see those weapons come into our state. Let’s close those loopholes,” he said.

“I mean, they’re just practical things that we need to do. The interest of people who go to these gun shows shouldn’t supersede the interest that I have in protecting my children, and my citizens in my state,” Malloy added.

The governor also charged that the argument with pro-2nd Amendment forces “has gotten crazy.”

“These high-capacity magazines, it — they don’t make any sense in our country. We don’t need those things. Nobody’s going deer hunting with them. You don’t use that to protect your house,” he said.

Malloy also advocated “an honest debate about our glorification of violence.”


“I mean this — you know there were games on the market that actually talked about shooting in high schools. It doesn’t make any sense. Can’t we just do the things that simply make some sense, that we — we could have reasonable agreement on?” he said.

The governor spoke yesterday with Vice President Joe Biden, who’s leading discussions with gun-rights groups today.

“And I know he is preparing his recommendations to the president. And I don’t want to get into the details of the discussion, but he’s got this down pretty well,” Malloy said. “He understands what we need to do to make it less likely that these things are going to happen in our cities and towns.”

“And these mass murders could be limited, at least going into the future if some common-sense things are taken. The magazine thing is very big.”


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