Pelosi: Talking About the Next Speaker Isn't Important, But It Is

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has come up with her own terms for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as Democrats try to popularize the term “Romnesia” to symbolize changing positions.


On The Daily Show last night, Pelosi said she prefers the term “Mittology.”

On PBS yesterday, she went with the more tongue-twisting “Mitt-thology.”

“I call these things the Mitt-thology, the mythology that President Obama has taken money from Medicare and used it for the Obamacare, completely false,” Pelosi said.

She also questioned polls that show Romney narrowing the gender gap with women voters, adding, “It’s very hard to tell how important or how real the polling is at this time.”

“It’s a question of who has a cell phone or are Democrats more willing to be interviewed by a pollster or you know, all of those things so. I think the early voting is favoring the president,” Pelosi said. “The Election Day will tell the tale and we can use — we can speculate all we want about it but I think any assumptions based on how it used to be in elections are very stale.”

“People communicate in a different way, voting is not just one day anymore and again, the difference between if you are a large number of your interviewees are on a cell phone or on a land line it’s a — you know, we’re just going to have to wait until Election Day to find out what it is.”

She has confidently predicted, despite pollsters’ predictions, that Democrats will retake the House, but shrugged off a question about the next Democratic speaker.


“What the least important part of all of this discussion is who the next House Speaker is, but it is important,” she said.

Pelosi also panned the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward for his book in which he says it was the president, not House Republicans, who walked away from a deficit-reduction deal.

“And we said, absolutely, we have to go, $4 trillion in deficit reduction at a time when the full faith and credit of the United States of America is in question. I don’t know, I never had a conversation about Bob Woodward but I was in the room,” she said. “I don’t even — didn’t read the book, I don’t know what else is in there so I don’t know if it begins from the origin of man until the future, or if it is specific to that day.”

“Apparently he was more interested in talking to John Boehner than he was to hearing the other side,” Pelosi complained of Woodward.


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