Axelrod: New-Old Obama Jobs Plan Attempt to 'Codify' for Voters

President Obama’s senior campaign adviser defended the repackaged talking points released as a “jobs and middle-class security” booklet as an attempt to “codify” the “plan that he talks about every day.”


The pamphlet was released as Obama was campaigning in swing-state Florida yesterday.

“The pamphlet reflects the ideas that the president has advanced throughout this campaign about where we need to go as a country, building on the progress that we’ve made,” David Axelrod said on MSNBC.

“But we wanted to codify it and put it in one place so that as voters who are making their final decisions contemplate those decisions they have a chance to look at the specific ideas the president is offering.”

Axelrod said they also wanted to highlight Mitt Romney’s plan as “a bunch of topic heads and nothing underneath.”

“It’s just the kind of thing that you do at the end of — of a campaign as people are making their final choices,” he said. “You know, most people have made their decisions if you believe all of the polling and you see this robust early voting going on around the country, but there are some who are — who are still thinking it through and we wanted to give them a summary of the argument that they can see and read and contemplate as they make those final decisions.”


Reflecting on the swing-state battles, Axelrod said he thinks one reason Obama will do well there is “one in eight workers in Ohio are auto related.”

“North Carolina has been a lot of speculation about. We’ve doubled down in North Carolina. We registered 350,000 new voters there. Early voting has been favorable to us,” he said. “We’re bullish on the opportunity there. Virginia is a state in which we’re even or slightly ahead. So, you know, we’re going for the whole thing.”



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