Déjà Vu: Obama Visits Campaign Office, Taking in Sights at Resort Before Debate

President Obama’s campaign said today that the commander in chief is spending “a little time enjoying the grounds” in Williamsburg, Va., and “some time” prepping for tomorrow’s town hall debate.


Obama arrived at the luxury Kingsmill Resort along the James River on Saturday, and will be flying up to New York for the debate tomorrow.

He received the presidential daily briefing this morning. Aside from that, traveling campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters how he’s spending his time.

“He spent some time over the last 48 hours, I suppose, preparing with his team — that means studying, that means practicing. As you know, he took some time yesterday to go visit a local campaign office and made calls with some volunteers there, and get them psyched up about the 21 days or 22 days we have left of the campaign,” she said at today’s daily White House press briefing.

“Other than that, he spent a little time enjoying the grounds, walking around and taking in the beautiful atmosphere we have here,” Psaki added.

She didn’t specifically answer a reporter’s question on whether the president had brought his golf clubs.

Before the debate in Colorado, Obama visited a Nevada campaign office — where he complained the debate prep was a “drag” — and toured the Hoover Dam.


“But his focus has been on preparing for tomorrow. And he’s looking forward to it. He’s excited for it. I know we’ve all seen him a bit — he’s calm and energized and just looking forward to getting to New York tomorrow,” Psaki said.

She said Obama is “his own harshest critic” and knows Mitt Romney outdebated him their first time out.

“I would say we know that people aren’t sitting at their kitchen tables at home focused on pressing refresh on the BLS website or looking at economic data every day. That’s why it’s so important for the candidates to lay out their specific plans for middle-class families,” Psaki said. “We feel we’ve done that. We’re continuing to do that. And we feel what the President has put out there is much stronger than what Mitt Romney has.”



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