Priebus: Bill Clinton Will Help Us, Not Obama

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, fresh off the GOP convention in Tampa, predicted that former President Bill Clinton will play into Republicans’ hands at the Democrats’ convention this week in Charlotte.


Clinton is supposed to address the DNC Wednesday, the day before President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.

“The problem that Obama has with Bill Clinton is that Obama is not your daddy’s Democrat. I mean, he’s not a mainstream Democrat like Bill Clinton,” Priebus said this morning on CNN. “Bill Clinton worked with both sides of the aisle. He was able to get things done. Bush worked with both sides of the aisle.”

When pressed about Clinton’s appearance, the chairman insisted it would not be a problem for the GOP.

“I think the opposite. I think Bill Clinton is actually going to help us because he’s going to illustrate to the American people that Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton,” Priebus said.

“Barack Obama made everything worse. He wasn’t able to work with anybody on the other side of the aisle. He didn’t show leadership and didn’t fulfill the promises he made in ’08.”


Priebus also defended Clint Eastwood’s performance Thursday at the RNC, saying there was “a Washington spin and a media spin” on the empty-chair routine.

“I think it was great. At the end of the day, it was Clint Eastwood telling the American people Barack Obama didn’t fulfill his promises,” he said. “…I mean, there’s two different views of this and it’s still Clint Eastwood saying Barack Obama was not a man of his word and he’s got to go.”



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