UPDATED: Tea Party Crashers: Not Quite Understanding the Assignment

Pajamas Media and PJTV are relying on citizen-journalists around the nation to collect photo and video evidence of groups and individuals attempting to crash the Tax Day tea parties being held across the United States. We’ve already received early reports of sightings from yesterday’s events in Boston and Washington, D.C.


The results sent in so far indicate that tea party crasher efforts range from uninspired to unintentionally ironic.

Apparently lost upon the mostly college-aged protesters: for their false flag operation to work, they must blend in to the group, and then display signs that cast the tea party group at large as bigoted or racist.

Stoutcat at Grand Rants sent in the following examples of crashers in Boston who didn’t quite understand their assignment:

“Generic Angry Slogan.”

“Rabble rabble.” Same young lady, different generic failure to be ironic.

One of the friends of generic girl, captured on camera by Amy LaViolette. No one doubted her sign.

Other party crashers made at least slightly more effective attempts.

“Public Skools & Safe Bridges R UnAmerican.” For some reason, a generation that gets the news from Jon Stewart utterly fails to grasp the finer points of subtle irony or sarcasm. Or apparently the definition of “infiltrate,” as he is captured standing among left-wing counterprotesters.

So far, the best attempt at blending in and infiltrating the tea party movement may be this sign:

“MIT NUCULAR Engineers for Palin!!1!” Admittedly, it still isn’t much, but we’re working with apparent amateurs. Apparently, Bostonians just aren’t good at this sort of thing.


By far the best submission of the day has been this Youtube video from last year’s tea party protests, of some young “billionaires” in their evening finery gracing the Washington, D.C., protest.

Pajamas Media and PJTV will have more coverage of tea party crashers throughout the day, if any show up. Though if April 14 was any guide, today’s “Crash the Tea Party” movement will be a hipster flop.


UPDATE: We’re approaching mid-afternoon here on the right-hand side of the country, and with Tax Day tea parties well under way, reports of “Crash the Tea Party” infiltrators have been as light as MSNBC’s evening line-up.

The few scattered reports we have seen coming in to our reporting avenues (email [email protected] and #tpcrashers on Twitter) have been from Chicago, where “infiltration” seems to be just another word counterprotesters got wrong on their SATs. PJTV tipster Kim Schratwieser found left-wing group World Can’t Wait represented in the crowd, blaring out their constant refrain to “end illegal wars.”

At least we can give the group some credit for trying to earn some tea party support, noting that ending those “illegal wars” would “stop biggest government spending.” Though obviously, they don’t understand the long-term costs of ObamaCare.

Speaking of health care, PJTV tipster Nora Mahaney-Turley captured this fine example of the medical profession counter-protesting:

His shirt reads “Everest College Medical Adminstrative Assistant.” Nora notes he was very deferential to the crowd, saluting many with a single-finger. She also notes that he reeked of booze. His sign?

“Arrest Bush.”

Here at Pajamas Media and PJTV, we encourage all Americans to stand up for what they believe in as honest representatives of your views. While many of us disagree with the messages of World Can’t Wait and our boozy medical administrative assistant, we support their right to have their opinions heard, including this guy’s expressive middle finger. At the very least, they are being honest with who they are. Now, where did those pesky infiltrators go?



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