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The Green New Nose Under the Tent

Created with GIMP, credit Sarah Hoyt.

It has been my custom now for several decades when looking at some shiny new policy being proposed, some public threat that “we must all act to counter,” to stand back and ask myself “Cui Bono?” i.e. “Who does this benefit?” Additional considerations are: is this in any way effective or commensurate or even sane for the problem it purports to solve? Who is pushing for this? And what do they let slip?

Under all of those headings, I’ve been getting very worried over the response to COVID-19.

The draconian measures put in place completely out of proportion to the threat they purport to combat. Please, please, please, note that the general death rate fell before any “social distancing” measures were put in place and the Imperial College model was revised after three days of lockdown, well before it could have had any impact on infection and lethality rates, both of which are fudged anyway. We neither have enough tests to test the entire population nor are the death certificates that list COVID-19 as the cause entirely truthful.

Some of these draconian measures also have nothing to do with combating the threat. All of them have to do with totalitarian fever dreams and with the illusion that humans are killing the Earth and must be stopped.

Locking everyone in their houses for months on end may destroy as many lives as it saves. Even without taking into account the economic devastation that will result, humans are social apes, and people cope very, very badly with being put under house arrest with no end in sight.

That’s not taking into account the fact that hospitals have been emptied, left deserted, and are now closing. Because hospitals and most human enterprises are not things you can turn on and off like the lights. They require maintenance and they require staffing, which requires training. Equipment needs to be maintained. Facilities have to be cleaned.

The longer the shutdown goes on, the higher the likelihood that many hospitals won’t come back. That in turn will reduce the availability of health care, and cause increased deaths.

But wait, there’s more! These hospitals are all economic endeavors. The longer they stay closed, the more broke they will be, thereby increasing the likelihood of a government takeover of health systems.

Which, of course, will also increase the death rate.

At some point you have to wonder: is the increased death rate the goal? Whom does the increased death serve? Well, leftists and the Greens (BIRM) have for a long time said that we need to bring the world population down to less than ten percent of what it is to “save the Earth.”

Besides, they don’t much like people, anyway.

Other things going on include the destruction of small businesses. The businesses taking it in the shorts, from small restaurants to neighborhood stores, are mostly small and family businesses.  Meanwhile, large corporations like Walmart are open and doing just fine.

Well, leftists always, always prefer to deal with large corporations. Their phony hatred of them vanishes when it actually comes to policy. After all, it’s much better for them to have only a few large corporations to negotiate with so they can decide what can be sold and who will be allowed to work, and who will be allowed to eat.

This brings us to one of the most bizarre insanities of this: the restrictions on buying seeds because they’re not essential. One can’t avoid the sense that – having as little understanding of how likely home gardens are to fail as most first time gardeners – they’d really like to decide who gets to eat this winter.

And of course, what we get to eat.

Look, there is fodder trouble already at too many cattle farms. And, because by stupidity or design (stupidity wouldn’t be that consistent), certain filters necessary to produce commercial milk aren’t considered essential, milk is being dumped rather than sold.

Farmers are also having trouble getting parts for tractors and other agricultural machines. All of this is presaging famine to come. And honestly, the leftists and the Greens (BIRM) want to pick who lives and who dies.

Also, along those lines, we’re already hearing noise about a restriction on paint sales. You see, having more than one paint color – I advise you now to stock up on your favorite toothpaste, because they think the same – is bad for Gaia. And besides, you might make your house better than your neighbor’s, you elitist capitalist.

Oh, and keeping you shut in the house? That reduces emissions. If I had a dime for each empty-headed Green bragging about how this is great for the planet I’d have enough to swim in a bin filled with them, just like Uncle Scrooge.

More than one prominent leftist had made vague noises about COVID-19 being Gaia’s punishment on us faithless disbelievers. (Including the pope, may G-d have mercy on his soul and on the Catholic church under his leadership.)

Now, we’re used to everything from asteroid strikes to the heartbreak of psoriasis being blamed on “climate change.”

However, we could laugh at them with some impunity when they hadn’t scared about half of the country into an unreasoning panic. That unreasoning panic is allowing them to institute the Green New Deal by other means.

Do you think it is a coincidence that insects have been approved as food in the EU just now? Ah.

No, the Greens and the left probably didn’t invent or release the virus. But they are increasing the unreasoning panic, in order to put their boot on your face and keep it there.

I suggest you start looking at the panic and the unreasoning tyranny it brings and pushing back as hard as you can.

It might be too late to stop us from going Venezuela, but if we don’t try we’ll be reviled as the most cowardly and feckless generation on Earth.