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I Have Questions About Our Response to COVID-19

(mage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

How come the homeless aren’t dying in droves?

Yes, I’ve seen the concerned articles in the press about how our “most vulnerable population” needs help to get through this.

But the question remains, why isn’t a population that is individually and in aggregate unhealthy, malnourished (not through lack of food but through lack of decent personal choices) ill-covered and generally has poor hygiene not dropping dead of the Wuhan flu?

Yes, I’ve heard the very odd attempts at answers every time this is brought up.  Mostly not from the media, who simply refuses to ask the question or point out the discrepancy, but from well-meaning people.  These people, most of them suburbanites not in the health professions, have no clue how the homeless really live, and therefore most of their answers border on the bizarre:

No one notices the homeless dying because they don’t go to hospitals.

Anyone whose emergency room is urban knows better. Homeless clog hospital emergency rooms, particularly when the weather turns cold as it has this last week. They are what is known as “frequent flyers” because their lifestyle brings them to a point of total collapse, and then they go to the hospital, get stabilized enough to go back to their lifestyle, etc., in a cycle that ends only in self-destruction.

No, the homeless don’t practice social distancing. No. They live in groups and clumps, share needles, share body-lice and in general share everything. This is why TB is endemic among them.

We don’t test the homeless population to find out what’s running through them.

Are you serious? Are you for real? Of course we do. See where they go to the emergency room all the time. How do you think we know they are sharing TB among them, as well as a bunch of medieval diseases?

The homeless have no contact with the globe-trotting population.

Depends on what you consider globe-trotting. Hunter Biden bought drugs from homeless camps. He was not alone. Our drug traffic and homeless populations overlap, because so many of the homeless are addicts. Perhaps a majority. Homeless camps often contain recent illegal immigrants, some of which, yes, come from China. The homeless rub shoulders (and other things) with urbanites who are our most-likely-to-travel-abroad population. Soup kitchens are staffed by well-to-do people who travel all over.

No, the fresh air doesn’t keep the homeless safe. 

Sure, the nineteenth-century used fresh air against TB. But that’s because the warm air inside nineteenth-century houses was full of pollutants, notably the particulate from burning coal or wood. If fresh air is the remedy against the Great Cough Forward, why isn’t the TV telling everyone to open the windows and go outside? What is with shelter in place?

Why isn’t the Third World dying in droves?

Brazil held the Carnival. They’re not all dead. India reports very few cases. More importantly, Latin America is trying to guard themselves against Americans trying to flee the Xi-flu, rather than rushing our borders for better care here. Why is Africa, where the Chinese are colonial masters, not dying in droves?

No one finds that weird?

Why not?

As with the homeless, when you ask questions, you start getting weird answers, most of them contradictory with other things we are told.

For instance, we get told that the Chinese virus can’t survive higher and humid temperatures.

Is this true?  Well, yes, if you believe studies on the epidemiology of the coronaviruses in general and this coronavirus in particular, you find that it doesn’t do very well in slightly high temperatures, say around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (humidity doesn’t matter. If anything it would help the virus).  But that same study (and yes, I know it’s Zero Hedge, but the same article was taken down at Medium for “violating community policies,” i.e. because the left shrieked) also said that the virus is not particularly lethal. It’s at worst a cold, and less lethal than other colds.

Also, do people not realize not all of the Third World is tropical? Why aren’t people dying in the colder parts of Brazil, where the contagion would have reached by now? Or the colder parts of an Africa, now in fall. Or for that matter, the non-tropical parts of Mexico.

For that matter, why is Australia panicking and quarantining when they are JUST NOW passing out of summer?

For that matter, if this “heat kills it” thing is true (and it might be) and the measures we’re taking are for preventing the spread of the virus, why aren’t Americans being encouraged to raise our thermostat settings to 80 for the two weeks we’re under house arrest, er…. sheltering in place, and then the virus will be gone and we can resume our normal lives?

And why are Dr. Fauci and other people in the medical establishment talking about an EIGHTEEN-MONTH quarantine? When in three months we’ll have temperatures of at least 80 across most of the U.S. Oh, and instead of taking what seems to be a cheap and effective therapy based on widely available malarial drugs, why is Dr. Fauci insisting on a cure (for again, what seems to be a mild cold that doesn’t get a toehold in the Third World or our homeless camps) based on a therapy he knows we can’t get within a year.

Why are Dr. Fauci and the medical establishment demanding these drastic measures, when for the H1N1, which at the same time of the infection had higher deaths, they told us to be sensible, wash our hands and stay home from work or school if we had symptoms?

Don’t believe me? Well, there is proof.

Oh, but the kung flu is so much more deadly? Is it? Why do you say that? Note the article linked above.  We thought that the Xi-disease would be way more deadly than it is, because of the numbers from China – and if you trust the numbers from China, good or bad, you are more naïve than any adult should be – seemed to indicate it. This was bolstered by Italy’s death rate. But who knows what is going on with China, and how many of the deaths were caused by truly spectacularly bad living conditions (China is not a modern country, only one that puts on a veneer for the outside) and how many by China’s regime getting rid of dissidents. Anyone who believes Doctor Li Weiland, the whistleblower on the whole Wuhan outbreak, died da natural death of Xi-flu probably believes Epstein killed himself too. And as for Italy, there is some doubt they could keep accurate statistics even if they wanted to. But they don’t particularly want to. They want to present a worst-case scenario and probably plan to apply for international aid.

I’ll point out that a friend who has lived in China points out the whole concept of whether something is true or not is a lot more fluid in Chinese culture and is, at any rate, irrelevant. The important thing in China is to preserve the face of the regime, aka the mandate of heaven.

And before you ask if they would hit their own economy with a hammer to get that, remember that China’s economy was already coming apart as sanctions set in, and also that it depends on who “they” are. The elite, to keep power, absolutely. (In that, they might not be very different from our “elite”.) If you believe Xi needs to keep his “constituents” happy, you might be Michael Bloomberg.

And as for Italy, they have an elderly population and have been sinking into economic trouble for decades under the EU model that makes Mediterranean countries cheap summer resorts for Germans. They routinely have double the number of deaths from the flu that we have.  Not double the number per capita, just double the number, period.

So why are we taking these numbers into account and thinking they mean anything for America?

Ah, because all our politicians and medical professionals are following this… computer model from London. Specifically the Imperial College of London.

And if you look at it, what you’ll ask yourself is 1) why is everyone freaking out about a computer model? Precisely? I mean, as I look on my backyard covered in white global warming, I remember by now, according to computer models, we should have no snow and 2) if you look at the internals, you’ll ask yourself, who can believe this? And how scientifically illiterate do you have to be?

For one, it’s based on deaths in Italy – so as valid as the hockey stick – and for another, it ignores the actual reliable data. Also note its “predictions” were loose on the net before the report was released. In other words, GIGO.

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that January was probably not the first infection point for the Chicom flu?
Seriously. We have it on good authority that it was floating around China from November and probably from October. At least there were rumors.

Which means that there is no way it hasn’t been here since at least December. And note, we’re not all dead. Why isn’t anyone taking that into account? Why are we instead quarantining people who probably already had and survived this?

WHY are we trying to lock people in as China did rather than taking the “social distancing and wash your fricking hands” model of Japan and Korea?

It’s not because it doesn’t work.

So, what is it?  I’ve heard Americans wouldn’t obey those directives. But we obey closing our churches and restaurants, even though states can’t enforce the closings? Are you for real?

Oh, and why does the left immediately tell the public that the medicines that can cure this – probably very mild – flu are “lethal in as little as 2g”?

And after all this, we must ask ourselves cui bono? Who benefits from hitting our – and the West’s – economy?

Curiously, the winners are the exact same people inciting the panic and/or hitting the economy with a hammer.  Odd how that works.

A non-exhaustive list:

The press – they had lost control of the narrative. They’ve tried time after time to “get” Orange Man Bad. They were resorting to outright lies and yet couldn’t sell us on socialism or get rid of the administration that the voters insisted on electing against the best advice from the press.

Now, as all the time, when people can’t go out, share opinions and talk things over with friends, they’re watching TV and believing everything they see. It’s paradise for the media. And best of all, they’re destroying the economy of the West, which will make people dependent on government for survival itself. And hey, maybe they can kill a lot of us and make the environmentalists happy.

Blogs and online media have never had more than 50% penetration. But when people talk, the media can’t get a foothold. Good thing that their friends in the government used the media to get rid of that pesky right of assembly!

The leftThey’re getting everything they want, on a plate. Or as all our lefty friends on Facebook say, “See, we’re enacting Bernie’s program.”

And how. And the massive inflation to come – trust me, I lived through it – will, even if Trump gets elected again (doubtful now because people will be looking for government handouts) means that we’re likely to elect a socialist next. It means that the rebellion against socialism and the blue model will be dead all over the world. Not that I’ll be around. As one of those in late middle age who needs relatively cheap and simple medicine to survive, the wheels coming off the economy means that won’t be available, and I’ll be dead within ten years. As will hundreds of others.

Which is great for the left, as we’re the ones most likely to take their socialism and shove it.

Which brings us to one final question: How long will you tolerate this?

As I said, enough damage being done to our wealth and our ability to cope with even normal, routine parts of aging make it unlikely I’ll be around in ten years. But some of you are much younger.

Do you want to live in Venezuela? Well, do you?

WHY aren’t you asking QUESTIONS?