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Liveblogging Sarah Palin's Speech to GOP in New Orleans

Excitement had been building in the room and it exploded when Sarah Palin walked onstage.

Stunning in a red waist length blouse and black skirt, the applause was tremendous and the cameras are still clicking.

“Just because we can does not mean that we should,” in reference to criticizing allies and “kowtowing” to foes.

Comes out for “repeal and replace.” And “don’t retreat, reload,” which gets her first standing O.

She seems a little rushed, a little out of place. She’s speaking over applause lines. Maybe she has somewhere else to go.

“There’s no shame in being the party of no.” Response to Newt who said last night the GOP should be the party of “yes”?

“An inherent link between energy and freedom.” The left has waged a multi-front war on our natural resources.

“The only thing missing” from Obama’s energy speech last week was “the soundtrack to Top Gun and Joe Biden in a flight suit.”

“Drill baby drill not stall baby stall” — another standing O.

Heavy criticism of Obama’s “cap and tax” proposal, stressing that it will be a jobs killer and represents “a national energy tax” on the American people.

Wants more drilling in Alaska, making fun of the Democrats’ concerns about the caribou who use the ANWR as their calving grounds.

Calls Climategate “Goregate.”

There’s nothing that can stand in the way of energy independence that “a good old fashioned election can’t fix.”

“Freedom is a God-given right and it IS worth fighting for.”

“We must stand together and take our country back.”

More applause. And a stirring finish with a hope for victory in November. Prolonged ovation.

“Run Sarah run” breaks out.


A good, workmanlike effort. I’ve seen her do better as recently as Wednesday when she brought down the house in her appearance with Michele Bachmann. She did seem a little rushed, even running out of breath at a couple of points. Her timing was a bit off as well as she stepped on her applause lines regularly.

I’m sitting next to a Bloomberg photographer. He got a shot of Palin’s hand with “who dat” written on the palm, as well as what appeared to be a cryptic French name. No doubt you’ll see it on lefty blogs tomorrow.

But her message was very well received by attendees, which is all that’s important.