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Correction and Clarification Regarding Article on the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Lee Booth

On October 22, 2010, Pajamas Media.com published an article by Bob Owens about legal restrictions on the ownership of guns and gun companies by felons.

  • The article stated:

“Imagine that this same felon then started another gun company from scratch, and then used that company to acquire a third company that was licensed to build machine guns.”

In fact, the “third company” in question was not, at the time of its acquisition, licensed to build machine guns.  That company subsequently obtained such a license.

  • The article stated:

“After the Templar/Victory split, it is suspected that the FFL acquired by Victory was revoked….”

In fact, it appears that the federal firearms license was not revoked.  It was not issued in Mr. Booth’s name.

  • The article also suggested that Lee Booth acquired three gun companies.  Mr. Booth, through legal counsel, has informed us that he never acquired three gun companies.

In fact, Mr. Booth owned only one gun company, but had substantial involvement in and apparent control over two other gun companies.

  • The article posed the question: “How come a felon owns guns and gun companies?”  Mr. Booth, through legal counsel, has cited exceptions to the state and federal laws prohibiting convicted felons from owning guns or controlling gun companies and has stated that he is not prohibited from such activity.  While we stand by the original opinion, based on an analysis of relevant statutes and regulations, that Mr. Booth is not permitted to own guns or have control over gun companies, we note here that this issue remains open to legal debate and differing opinions.

Pajamas Media and Bob Owens regret these errors and apologize to Mr. Booth.