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Do morning people rule the world?

a href=”http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/lifestyle/article-23852426-why-morning-people-rule-the-world.do”This research says they do:/abr /br /blockquoteNew research by Christoph Randler, a biology professor at the University of Education at Heidelberg, however, concludes that morning people are more likely to succeed in their careers because they are more proactive than evening people.br /br /He surveyed 367 university students, asking them when they were most energetic and willing to change a situation. It was the morning people who were more likely to agree with statements such as “I feel in charge of making things happen” and “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself.”br /br /Discussing his research in the Harvard Business Review, Randler says: “When it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards. My earlier research showed that they tend to get better grades in school, which gets them into better colleges, which then leads to better job opportunities. Morning people also anticipate problems and try to minimise them. They’re proactive.”/blockquotebr /br /I’m a morning person and I would like to say that morning people get ahead, but I’ve seen too many computer and tech types who work well into the night who are successful to believe this is true. I think being able to take advantage of the times you do feel the best to do what you need to get done seems to work for most people. br /br /Are you a morning or evening person? Which do you think “get ahead?”

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