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The Church of Progressivism

Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom responds to my articlea href=”http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=17581″ on liberals and lack of empathy:/abr /br /blockquoteOf course, to be fair, the “right” exhibits its share of intolerance — which, like that from the left, generally manifests in a kind of ostentatious public sanctimony. The difference is, for all the worry we consistently hear about the “religious right” threatening to turn the US into a theocracy, very rarely will we see any actual agitation for from mainstream conservatives to turn religious doctrine into state or federal law. Whereas the churches of environmentalism and government-mandated “charity” (which isn’t; charity tends not to be backed by fines and guns) have joined up, of late, into fortify the Church of Progressivism, which is very quickly becoming a de facto “official” church of the United States./blockquote