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Is cable worth it?

Every six months I have to get into it with Comcast, my cable company who doubles or this month almost tripled my bill when a “promotion” ran out. I have been calling and getting the promotions for over 4 years now but this time pretty much ran into a brick wall when the customer service representative just kind of shrugged and gave me simply a ridiculous number instead of an over-the-top one. br /br /One thing I really hate about Comcast in Knoxville is that if you want to quit, they will not cut your bill off immediately. Instead, you have to pack up the equipment and drive it across town to some out of the way building in a far away location. I assume they do this on purpose– knowing full well that many people do not have the time to get the equipment back quickly and either forget it or take weeks to return it. What do you do if you are a single person who is disabled and wants to cut off service? Perhaps you have no way to get the equipment back.br /br /I hate to quit cable altogether as I use it for work, ideas for blogging, and I like HGTV. But I can’t stand the stress of wheeling and dealing with Comcast. br /br /Does anyone have any suggestions?br /br /span style=”font-weight:bold;”Update:/span Comcast Customer Service responds in the comments:br /br /Hello all!br /br /I just wanted to drop a line here for Dr. Helen and anyone else who may be interested in our team’s assistance. Feel free to email our team at the address below with your billing or service concerns. Our team is always happy to help.br /br /Kind Regards,br /Melissa Mendozabr /Comcast Customer Connectbr /National Customer Operationsbr /[email protected] /@ComcastMelissabr /br /span style=”font-weight:bold;”Update II:/span I emailed Melissa Mendoza to tell her my complaints and she said she would have someone call me from the local Comcast office to see what can be done. My phone rang and a professional Comcast customer service person listened to my complaints but said that I would have to pay the extra charges, downgrade my service, or bundle all my services together to get a reduction in price. Nice gesture, but nothing was accomplished.