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Darn it: I'm getting a mammogram

I wasn’t going to get one this year. I am in my forties and started getting mammograms in my thirties, thanks to a family history of cancer. But it’s been awhile and I was going to put it off this year but I figure with all that is going on in the healthcare debate, mammograms might be rationed or just not available for many of us. br /br /And, contrarian that I am, I figured that by going against a href=”http://health.usnews.com/articles/health/healthday/2009/11/19/task-force-member-defends-mammography-guidelines.html”the just released recommendations, /aI’m going get all the healthcare I desire, cause, at this point, I can. So to all you contrarians like me out there who were thinking of putting off a mammogram, I say, schedule that appointment ASAP. For who knows how long before ObamaCare makes this medical test a thing of the past?