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Another reason to be worried about ObamaCare

I found a telling story about a woman a href=”http://www.prideofbritain.com/contentpages/winners/1999/helen-smith.aspx”who got a medal in Britain for standing up/a to the local health authorities (and her name is also Helen Smith!):br /br /blockquoteHelen Smith was a gifted student with a bright future when she was struck by a cruel and devastating blow.br /br /She was 24 and had just started studying for a doctorate at London’s Imperial College after graduating in biology from Bath University when she was struck down with virulent meningococcal septicaemia.br /br /As she lay in a coma for three weeks, surgeons amputated both her legs.br /br /Most of one arm had to be removed and her other hand amputated….br /br /More than anything, she wanted to lead a “normal” life again.br /br /But her pleas for realistic-looking prosthetics that would make that possible were turned down because they are available only from a private clinic.br /br /Instead, she was given a hook for one arm and false legs which didn’t fit.br /br /Helen took on her local health authority and even offered to pay most of the cost after raising £65,000.br /br /But the answer was No.br /br /Thousands of Mirror readers moved and angered by her plight donated more than £20,000 – and next month she is due to get the full set of limbs she has worked so hard for./blockquotebr /br /br /Is this the path ObamaCare will lead us down?