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Women behind Bars on WE

I was a href=”http://www.wetv.com/women-behind-bars/episodes/natasha-cornett-and-lasonya-larry”on an episode of “Women behind Bars”/a on WE (Women’s Entertainment) last night that featured the story of Natasha Cornett, the teen who was part of the Lillelid murder and in my documentary a href=”http://www.sixthemovie.com/”emSix./em /aI thought they did a very nice job of telling several sides of the story from the perspective of experts, law enforcement and Cornett herself. You can watch the episode if you are a night owl (or have insomnia) again tonight at 2 AM eastern. For those who have more normal hours, it airs at a href=”http://www.wetv.com/women-behind-bars/episodes/natasha-cornett-and-lasonya-larry”other times noted here. /a