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Turnabout is fair play

a href=”http://pjmedia.com/blog/the-right-needs-to-play-as-dirty-as-the-left/2/”John Hawkins at PJM:/a br /br /blockquoteComplaining bitterly about the Democrats’ “politics of personal destruction” or bellyaching that the media doesn’t treat us fairly ultimately accomplishes nothing. The public doesn’t care.br /br /Using the exact same tactics against the left that it uses against the right may very well be effective.br /br /Even if it isn’t, it may at least convince them that such tactics ought to be off limits on both sides. We can say, “Gee, what if Bush had done this” or “That’s a cheap shot” all day long, but until our political opponents feel the brunt of the same savage incivility that it dishes out on a regular basis, nothing is going to change./blockquote