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What could you and 25 "friends" accomplish?

I remember a while back, I read in a women’s magazine about political activists who were out “saving the world.” What struck me was something one of the activist’s said: “I found out that me and 25 friends could make a difference in changing politics.” I never forgot that. We often think it takes a big majority of people or a huge group to make a change. I think that’s wrong. Most people don’t care about politics and the truth is you and 25 friends can make a difference.br /br /Take for instance, the Tea Party protests. Pajamas Media has the tally of attendees at a href=”http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=tea-party”over 600,000 and counting. /aHow did all those people get there? Word of mouth but also friends bringing friends. When Glenn and I a href=”http://www.pjtv.com/”interviewed people /aat the Knoxville Tea Party, many said that their friends and family were there to support them. I remember how I felt last Wed. at the protest, like I was among friends, like-minded people who I didn’t have to explain myself to. I felt a href=”http://drhelen.blogspot.com/2009/02/pjtv-at-cpac.html”the same way at CPAC /a–the crowd was accepting, kind and understood the concepts of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.br /br /Contrast that to the real world. Conservatives and sometimes, libertarians are often considered pariahs, not worthy of presenting their worldview without resistance. David Horowitz, author of numerous books, including a href=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0307452557?ie=UTF8amp;tag=wwwviolentkicomamp;linkCode=as2amp;camp=1789amp;creative=9325amp;creativeASIN=0307452557″emOne-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America’s Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy,/em/aimg style=”BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; BORDER-TOP: medium none; MARGIN: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none” height=”1″ alt=”” src=”http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=wwwviolentkicomamp;l=as2amp;o=1amp;a=0307452557″ width=”1″ border=”0″ / described a href=”http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/76888/”his need for a bodyguard/a now when talking to groups on college campuses.br /br /Our society allows liberals to treat conservatives like second class citizens because our culture and the media encourage it. But the culture is us and we accept it also. As Horowitz points out, conservative students will not fight back because they are too decent and tolerant. However, they are also afraid–that they will lose their ability to get their degree (I have seen this happen), their standing in the community and their privacy. How do we change this?br /br /I’ll start with a couple of suggestions. Get some of your friends and acquaintances and fight back–starting with the schools–those institutions that indoctrinate our students with liberal ideology, often with downright disregard or by simply omitting other points of view and information. Get a half dozen friends and attend your local school board meeting. These meetings are often on your local cable channel and the school board members are often sensitive to what is on there since the whole community can view it. If you notice things wrong in your school, speak up and tell them. br /br /Call out the school board members by name and ask them what they are going to do about it. One example I heard recently was from a banker I know whose daughter was asked to attend an anti-war protest (it was in a college) to learn about political activism. His daughter did not want to go. The father went to the professor and told her to provide an alternative–a paper or something that did not require one to attend something against their will. At first, the professor refused and then relented, saying that she was just trying to teach about political activism. “Yes, but only about left-leaning politics,” the banker said. The professor realized that this was true. Many professors won’t be as flexible but pressure can help.br /br /Another suggestion: show up at your Congressman’s local town meetings with a half dozen friends and ask tough questions. He or she will notice or at least be uncomfortable.br /br /That’s a start in the fight against the culture of intolerant liberalism that only has room for one view. What other ways of changing the culture do my readers suggest?br /br /Update: I added quotes around friends in the title to indicate (as commenter Ken Kraska did) that few of us have 25 actual friends. I sure don’t as I am an introvert. However, I can round up people for a cause–I got over 500 to turn out for my film opening and hundreds for a local book signing. Perhaps the word friend here should be changed to acquaintances or like-minded people who believe in a similar cause.