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"The more irresponsibly you behave, the more government works for you."

I have to agree with David Harsanyi who said this a href=”http://www.denverpost.com/harsanyi/ci_11743921″in his column today /ain the emDenver Post/em. He also makes some other good points:br /br /blockquoteWho knew that playing by the rules comes with a government warranty? After all, I may play by the rules and engage in bizarrely self-destructive behavior. You may not. You may have played by the rules — invested in the stock market, a home, a business, a career — and found yourself stuck with a financial dud. br /br /As every 2-year-old knows, consequences are the incentive to avoid risky behavior. So why are we rewarding failure and abolishing consequences? Many of the homeowners who government is bailing out took unnecessarily chancy loans that helped fuel the financial jam we’re in. /blockquotebr /br /My question is, what do we tell our kids about how to get ahead in this new economy? I don’t think telling our kids to scrimp, save and work hard only to turn their earnings over to others is prudent at this point. We have to teach our kids how to make it in the new system of rewards for failure and penalties for success. Or maybe just explain that success is failure now, that up is down, that wrong is right. That seems to be the prevailing “wisdom” with our new government overlords.