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What ever happened to ringing the dinner bell?

Reader Matt a href=”http://commercialappeal.com/news/2009/jan/30/woman-who-shot-husband-gets-probation/?feedback=1#comments”emails a story /a about a Memphis woman who shot her husband in the head as he was doing doughnut circles in his truck:br /br /blockquoteA Millington woman who killed her husband with a .22-caliber rifle while he made doughnut circles in his pickup truck was sentenced today to three years of probation.br /br /As part of a negotiated sentence, Linda Abbott, 40, agreed not to ask Criminal Court Judge John Colton Jr. for diversion, which could have erased the voluntary manslaughter conviction returned by a jury in November. In return, she will do no jail time if she complies with probation requirements….br /br /Authorities initially believed that Abbott died in a violent crash when his truck hit a piece of farm machinery and burst into flames.br /br /When a .22-caliber bullet was found in his head during an autopsy, however, Linda Abbott admitted firing one rifle shot in the air and a second shot that she said was an accidental discharge.br /br /Authorities said the shot traveled some 150 feet across a field behind the house, struck Gary Abbott in the head and caused the truck to crash.br /br /She told a jury the shooting was an accident, that she was trying to get his attention to come to dinner and that she had no reason to intentionally shoot him. /blockquotebr /br /My question may be naive here but should you really shoot off a gun to get your husband’s attention for dinner? What happened to ringing a dinner bell?