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Barack Obama Is the Next U.S. President

Live Election Results: President, Senate, House (CNN)

Congressional Wipeout: Democrats Unseat GOP Incumbents (MSNBC)

Sour Grapes: What’s With the “Callused Hands” Speech? (John Derbyshire)

No Time for Wound-Licking: Gird Your Loins, Conservatives (Michelle Malkin)

Phew: “Are there any sweeter words in the English language than ‘The election is over?'”

The Change You’ll Get: Americans will finally learn what Barack Obama really believes. (Clifford May)

Like It or Not, He’s My President: “I’ll never be a fan, but I swear I’ll never take a nutroots posture either in relishing his failures because it helps my party.” (Hot Air)

Obama Is Not the Start of a New Era: He is the death knell for the old one. (Perry de Havilland)

Obama’s Victory Speech (Real Clear Politics)

McCain’s Call to Obama (NBC)

McCain’s Gracious Concession Speech: “The address contained not a whiff of ideology or partisanship.” (The Plank) Video (Hot Air)

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama: “This may be a bleak day for the Republican Party and for conservatism, but come what may in the years ahead, it’s a great day for our country.” (Ross Douthat)

What Freaks Me Out About This Election: Obama’s radicalism was deemed irrelevant. (Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Looking for a Post-Election Republican Agenda? Hold Obama to his spending cut promises. (Volokh Conspiracy)

Virginia Might Not Be Decided for a While: There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots to count. (Campaign Spot)

New England Loses Only GOP Congressman: Say goodbye to Christopher Shays. (Weekly Standard)

You Know Who Is Another Big Loser Tonight? Keith Olberman (John Podhoretz)

Waiting for McCain’s Concession: A somber mood at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. (Stephen F. Hayes)

Race Worked to Obama’s Advantage: Exit polls suggest it was a factor in a lot of voters’ decisions. (Byron York)

Dems Start to Celebrate: The taste of victory is sweet. (Politico)

***Live Battleground Results*** Watch and wait: FL, IN, OH, NC, PA, VA (CNN).

***Map of Called Races*** Obama big on East Coast. (FOX)

***GOP Bloodbath in Senate*** Sununu gone in NH. Dole gone in NC. McConnell weak in KY. VA turns to Dems. But Chambliss holding on in GA. (CNN)

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