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Obama Looks Strong in Early Count

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What’s Up with Calling Pennsylvania So Early? Maybe they project 110% turnout in Philly. (Anchoress)

Also Being Decided: Hot-Button Social Issues. (AP)

Clinton Dems Went for Obama in PA: Apparently Democrats vote for Democrats. (Corner)

Biden Reelected to Senate: Not like he wants to go back! (News Journal)

Rumor: New Hampshire Is in Play: Take with usual grain of salt — giant grain, in fact. (Campaign Spot)

Big Surprise: Economy top issue for voters. But a real surprise: Exit polls say black voters same percentage as 2004. (ABC)

Voter Fraud Is Easy: Huge numbers of people registered in multiple states. (Power Line)

More State Exit Poll Numbers: Giant grain of salt required. (MyDD)

First State Exit Poll Numbers: Obama’s margins are tighter than recent polling in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. (Gawker)

Election Timetable, Part One: What to watch for in the first hour of poll closures. (David Freddoso)

All Quiet On the Florida Front: Things are running smoothly throughout the state. (Real Clear Politics)

Will Minnesota Go Red? Obama campaign says the race is closer than the polls predicted. (Marc Ambinder)

What Happens Next? “I hope that partisans on the other side — whatever side that happens to be — lose gracefully.” (Roger Kimball)

When Doing Your Civic Duty Isn’t Enough: Free coffee, donuts, and sex toys among inducements to vote today. (NY Daily News)

Oprah’s Already Picked Out Her Obama Inaugural Gown: The female big O is pretty confident. (Los Angeles Times)

Shenanigans ‘R’ Us: An accounting of (unsubstantiated) chaos at the polls. (The Plank)

Virginians Flock to Polls: Turnout records will likely be shattered. (Politico)

Voter fraud in Minneapolis? ACORN goes to prisons to register voters. (Hot Air)

One Man, Two Votes: “Ron Jones of Philadelphia told CNN’s Brian Todd he was so inspired to vote he voted more than once.” (Townhall)

Obama is Toast: Don’t believe the polls. “The Undecideds have decided: they have decided not to declare their choice to pollsters.” (Malstrom)

Money Talks? U.S. Stocks Advance in Biggest Election Day Rally Since 1984 (Bloomberg)

Long Night Looming in Colorado: Expect the state to count ballots through breakfast. (Campaign Spot)

Black Panthers Making Trouble in Philly? Accusations fly at polling place. (Fox)

Whoever Wins, the Media Has Lost: They’re in the tank but out of gas. (Roger Aronoff)

Senator Schumer Can’t Wait to Muzzle Rush: Confident of big gains in the Senate, he equates political speech to pornography. (Hot Air)

Wall Street Votes to Buy, Buy, Buy: Biggest presidential Election Day rally in 24 years shaping up. (Bloomberg)

Obama, the New Trudeau: Will Canada’s mistake be repeated by America 40 years later?  (20 Alpha 4)

Nixon Looks Clean by Comparison: Obama has run the dirtiest campaign since 1972. (Vodkapundit)

Soggy Ballots and Missing Voter Rolls: Incompetence again on display in many precincts. (CNN)

Keys to Deciphering the Election Results: The dinosaur media offers you their decoder ring. (CBS)

A Chicken (and Bull and Goat) in Every Pot: Obama’s family in Kenya sharpens the celebratory knives. (Times Online)

Lessons from the Panhandle: Don’t let media psy-ops discourage you from casting your ballot. (Anchoress)

Don’t Rock the Vote: An ignorant voter is more dangerous to the Republic than a nonvoter. (William Watkins Jr.)

Dept. of Premature Speculation: Romney 2012? (Donklephant)

Rezko and Rev. Wright Next? Louis Farrakhan and William Ayers also voted at Shoesmith Elementary School this morning, Obama’s polling location. No, seriously. (Jake Tapper)

Wonder Who He Voted For? Obama and family hit the polls (AP)

Fraud in Philly: Ballots to be tossed out (Power Line)

Ready for Trouble: Toledo, Ohio, police get their riot gear. Just in case. (WNWO-NBC)

Lurch to the Left? A President Obama would not face the same constraints as his Democratic predecessors. (Fred Barnes)

A Word of Caution: Beware of exit polls (Rasmussen)

2004 Redux? GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in more than half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status. (TownHall)

Messiah Watch: The World Awaits America’s Redemption (My DD)

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Those Other Elections: The State of the Congressional Races (TPM Election Central)

Drink Up, GOP: Is It a Bad Sign that Corner Readers Have Happy Hour on the Mind This Early? (Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Turning the Election into a Season of American Idol: Five states allow voting by phone. (Say Anything)

Bradley Effect? What’s That? Obama says it’s ‘outdated’ and ‘overstated.’ (The Swamp)

Planning to Jump the Gun: Networks May Call Race Before Voting Complete (NY Times)

Gotcha: Blogosphere Beats MSM in Reporting Dixville Notch Results (Boing Boing)

Unclear if That Included His Four Rent-Stabilized Apartments: Charlie Rangel says at a rally in Harlem that “Barack Obama is going to save the whole world” (Politicker NY)

Be Careful What You Wish For: Cuba Got “Change” in 1959, Florida’s Cubans tell America. (No Pasarán!)

Annoy the Media: Go vote! (Newt Gingrich)

Just Ask Al Gore: Can Obama win popular vote but lose election? (AP)

Prepare for Chaos: U.S. electoral system warned it ‘can’t cope’ as historic number of voters cast their ballot (Daily Mail)

Gaffe-Tastic to the End: Biden keeps ’em coming — four years of this? (Michelle Malkin)

Voter Beware: Election Day myths you must resist. (Anne Applebaum)

From Bad to Worse to Worst: The Sad Campaign of John McCain (Politico)

Twitterpolling: Election Results According to Twitter (Mashable)

Obama’s Newly Deceased Grandma Would Have Been Proud (Pam’s House Blend)

Florida Too Close to Call (Miami Herald)

Rove’s Final Map: Obama 338, McCain 200 (Marc Ambinder)

Duel at the WSJ Corral: McCain vs. Obama

Obama Starts Scoring in NH: Wins 15-6 in Dixville Notch, 17-10 in Hart’s Location, where Ron Paul got 2 votes (AP)

Reading the tea leaves Exit Polls: A McCain campaign memo. (Drudge)

Voice of Insta-Wisdom: Whoever Wins, Chill a Bit (Glenn Reynolds @ Forbes)

Just in Time for Election Day: Report clears Palin in Troopergate probe (AP)

Obama’s Worst Enemy: Himself (Mary Katharine Ham)