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PJM Political 7/2/08: Fighting Words, Saving The Males, Saving The 2nd Amendment

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How did “a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx come to called a neo-conservative?” What’s it’s like to spend 40 years behind the scenes in Washington and in front of the cameras at PBS? That first question is a line by Ben Wattenberg, from his forthcoming book, Fighting words: A Tale of How Liberals Created Neo-Conservatism. Wattenberg, the host of PBS’s long running Think Tank series, will answer both questions on today’s PJM Political, reminiscing about peechwriting for LBJ, Pat Moynihan and Scoop Jackson. Plus the time that President Reagan astonished the Washington Post in 1981 by discussing liberal fascism a quarter century before Jonah Goldberg on Wattenberg’s PBS show.

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