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Clinton Wins Big in Puerto Rico

Will Hillary Clinton’s decisive victory in the island’s primary hurt Barack Obama?

What Does It Mean? (Jennifer Rubin)

“As Harold Ickes might put it: You bet your a** Hillary Clinton isn’t conceding.” (NRO)

Obama’s New Magic Number (Ben Smith)

About the Puerto Rico Turnout (TalkLeft)

Hillary’s last hurrah? (Boston Globe)

“It is of course something of an empty victory since the nomination is all but wrapped up for Obama.” (The Moderate Voice)

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Clinton projected for big win by networks (Marketwatch)

Voter Turnout Appears Low (TalkLeft)

Will Puerto Rico make or break Hillary? (Fausta’s Blog)

Puerto Rico Gets Its Moment in the Political Sun: “Its primary is another chance for the Democratic candidates to appeal to Latinos, whose votes may be key in the fall.” (LA Times)

Why Does Puerto Rico Get A Primary?This weekend, you’ll be hearing a lot about a tiny, out-of-the-way place that normally has to get hit by a natural disaster to get our attention. Such is the wonder and magic of primary season.” (Mental Floss)

So Are We Done Yet? “The last primaries are on Tuesday in South Dakota and Montana. I suspect things will calm down once everybody gets used to the idea that it didn’t work out for Hillary, but it’ll be interesting to see whether a contingent of McCain Democrats develops.” (Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death)

Some Predictions: “Hillary has been ‘finished’ many times, but every time that she was finished, Hillary won the next primary. Don’t count her out just yet.” (The Truth)

More Predictions: “Clinton 57-43. Turnout 500,000. Clinton wins the delegate race 31-24” (TalkLeft)

Puerto Rico Primary Facts and Figures (US News & World Report) — Factbox (Reuters)

No Road Map: “The big drama now facing the Democratic Party in the presidential contest is how, when and even whether Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will depart the race.” (NY Times)

Puerto Rico’s Ironic Role: “On Sunday, the 2.5 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico registered to vote can choose their preferred Democratic candidate, even though in November they cannot vote for president.” (Maurice Ferre)

Hillary To Be Offered Dignified Exit? “The former First Lady would get the chance to pilot Mr Obama’s reforms of the American healthcare system if she agrees to clear the path to his nomination as Democratic presidential candidate.” (UK’s Telegraph)

Apathy in Puerto Rico? “Reports of apathy among voters in Puerto Rico could be bad news for Hillary Clinton, who is counting on a large margin of victory on substantial turnout to help boost her over Obama in the popular vote count. Roughly 500,000 are expected to turnout to vote on Sunday, but some are now suggesting the number could be lower.” (Tom Bevan @ Clear Politics)

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