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New Website for Dads

Blogger Tony Chen has started a new website, a href=”http://www.savvydaddy.com/”savvydaddy.com/a, for dads out there who are looking for some good information and articles on parenting. The site has a “survival guide” and “conversations” on such topics as how to talk with your daughter about her period, how to decide on the whole spanking thing, and how old is too old to let your a href=”http://www.savvydaddy.com/content/age/infant/00324/how-old-too-old-your-kids-see-you-naked”kids see you naked. /a br /br /Chen says he started the website after gathering some research on what men wanted in a dad’s site. Dads basically said that they wanted some practical advice that was not dumbed down, they wanted to develop strong character in their kids, and they cared about their children’s attitude and perspective but they are worried that the culture works against all that. br /br /Indeed, it does. a href=”http://www.savvydaddy.com/”Take a look at the site /a if you are interested in such topics.