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The Lone Libertarian

I read with interest a short question and answer session with John Stossel in a href=”http://www.townhall.com/”TownHall/a magazine on how he became the lone libertarian in broadcast news. One question posed by Mary Katharine Ham asked “Is the media as hostile to conservative ideas as a lot of conservatives seem to think, or does your success belie that idea?”br /br /Stossel replies, “I would say it’s as hostile as most believe it is. Remember, I came in as a liberal, and I was trying to be what I thought was objective. I certainly did not do the point-of-view reporting as I do now. I’m the, to my knowledge, lone libertarian in the mainstream media, and I take some heat for that. To my knowledge there are zero conservatives…on the networks.”br /br /Wow, zero, that’s unbelievable. Imagine what would happen if there were zero women or minorities in broadcast news, what a ruckus that would be. There is already an uproar that there are so few but what if there were….zero. There is no excuse for zero conservatives except censorship and discrimination. There is no other explanation. If you are conservative or libertarian and want to go into broadcast news– what are your chances? Zero or possibly a tiny percentage being that there is span style=”font-style:italic;”one/span libertarian. So why bother–but then, isn’t that the idea?