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A New Twist to the Prenuptial Agreement

At least a href=”http://www.nypost.com/seven/02242008/news/nationalnews/rule__1___dont_get_fat_99085.htm”this one does not involve /athe groom (Hat tip: Dave)–but maybe it should get him thinking: br /br /blockquoteThere’s a new prenuptial agreement in town – and it’s beyond anything even Ron Perelman’s lawyers could cook up.br /br /Young brides are drawing up bridesmaids contracts that are sure to cause rifts between BFFs in bad floor-length dresses everywhere.br /br /The agreements include specific grooming and behavior clauses – specifying everything from the required length and style of bridesmaids’ fingernails to prohibitions on gaining weight before the big day – with the threat that those who don’t comply will be dumped. …br /br /More than 20 percent of brides-to-be said they would use a contract to control bridesmaids, and half of them said they would sack one if she refused to follow the script, according to a survey conducted by UK magazine You Your Wedding./blockquotebr /br /It seems to me that this type of pre-nup should serve as a warning sign to the groom. Think about it, if a bride is this controlling of her bridesmaids’ behavior, what is she going to do to you after the wedding?